Fireworks in New York, and more information on the tsunami

From a westward facing, 18th floor apartment balcony at 74th Street and Park Avenue last night, we had a direct view of a fireworks display in Central Park of marvelous variety and beauty, going on for almost half an hour. Fireworks have been raised almost to the level of art.

Here’s a good article that explains the tectonic collision that caused the earthquake off Sumatra, the nature of the earthquake, and the nature of the waves it produced. The word “earthquake,” which suggests a shaking back and forth, does not really describe the event, which consisted of a section of ocean floor 600 miles long by 30 miles wide suddenly moving 100 feet sidewise and 65 feet upward. The story also answers questions I had had the size and speed of the waves.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at January 01, 2005 09:33 AM | Send

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