“Teen” rapes 84-year-old woman

And crime expert Mary Koss tells the Kansas City Star that sexual assaults against elderly victims are “unusual” and “atypical.” “When something like this happens,” she says, “it makes it so clear that some rapes don’t have any sexual motivation. It’s really about power and anger.”

How could Koss say this? As we know, rapes of elderly women are common. And in every instance we’ve seen, it is a black assailant attacking an elderly white victim. Maybe the racial angle is why Koss didn’t want to acknowledge that such crimes are common. And of course the racial angle is where the power motivation comes in as well.

The Kansas City Star reports (August 1):

Jackson County prosecutors today accused an 18-year-old man of beating and raping an elderly woman Monday after the victim and her husband interrupted a burglary in their Kansas City home.

Prosecutors charged Tony L. Putman of Kansas City with forcible rape, felonious restraint, tampering, resisting arrest and two counts of robbery. Police arrested Putman and three others in the couple’s stolen vehicle shortly after the crime.

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According to court records:

The 93-year-old husband and his 84-year-old wife reported the attack about 1:15 p.m. in the 7300 block of Campbell Street. The husband was taking a nap when an intruder barged into his bedroom. The intruder hit him in the face and bound him with belts.

The wife arrived home from running errands, saw the intruder coming down their staircase and heard her husband moaning upstairs. The intruder bound the wife’s hands with a belt and demanded money. She gave him $5 from her pocket but he said it wasn’t enough. He forced her downstairs, where she gave him $400 she had just withdrawn from the bank.

The intruder then forced her into a bedroom, where he raped her on a twin bed. When he was finished, he pushed the victim to the floor and fled in their vehicle.

The victims freed themselves and called police. Officers found a broken basement window at the front of the house, which contained blood, apparently from the intruder cutting himself. Police also found blood inside the house and two condom packages on the floor of the bedroom where the rape occurred.

About an hour later, two tactical police officers spotted the stolen car on Blue Ridge Boulevard near Interstate 470. The officers turned around and tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped away. The officers chased the vehicle until it hit a curb, which disabling it. Putman stepped out of the vehicle, which was occupied by three other males, and said, “I did it all. They have nothing to do with anything,” according to court records.

Police found the victim’s jewelry in Putman’s pockets and a fresh cut to his wrist. Putman told police the jewelry was from his mother and the cut occurred when he was wrestling with his cousin. Police interviewed his mother, who said she didn’t own any jewelry, and the cousin told police Putman was not cut while wrestling with him, according to court records.

Officers found $362 in the pocket of one of the occupants of the stolen vehicle, but he said he got it from his mother, according to court records. His mother told police she gave him money but couldn’t confirm how much money she had given him. He was not charged.

Sexual assaults against elderly victims are unusual, said Mary Koss, professor of public health at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

“It’s a horrible situation even though it’s atypical,” Koss said. “When something like this happens, it makes it so clear that some rapes don’t have any sexual motivation. It’s really about power and anger.”

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James P. writes:

In one sense, Koss is correct that such rapes are about power and anger — namely, the anger some blacks feel towards whites, and what blacks do once whites are in their power.

Patrick H. writes:

Related to the author of the news article, I hate the notion that rape is an act of violence and not about sex. Well, if it’s not about sex and just violence, why didn’t he just hit her? Of course, it’s about sex. It may be about sex and other things, but it is definitely about sex. Here, the other thing is race. This was one of the feminist bromides I grew up with, and I think it’s false. This elderly woman was RAPED, as opposed to hit, struck or elbowed. They couldn’t say she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so another form of verbal misdirection must be utilized to obscure the horrible reality of the crime. It seems like people’s reaction to the crime is not “how disturbing and horrible” but instead, let’s try to report this in a way that it does not reflect badly on black people. I have nothing in common with these people.

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