The House Republicans speak

Now the key House Republicans are giving a press conference on C-SPAN. They are proposing a very different plan, in which “Wall Street pays for its own rescue rather than the tax payer … by paying premiums for insurance,” whereby the credit block-up will be unblocked and economic activity restored. While I don’t understand the plan yet, I must say that these Republican House members—Eric Cantor of Virginia (a Jew with a pleasant Southern drawl), Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Judy Biggert, and others—are so much more well-spoken, honest-sounding, honest-looking, and even better-looking than their corrupt-looking Democratic counterparts, particularly the Democrats’ grotesque point man, Barney Franks, that they seem on a higher level of evolution.

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A sensible question from an L-dotter:

I haven’t heard the first pol talk about repealing laws that have created this crisis. If we’re going to spend a trillion dollars, is anything going to change other than fat cats and pols getting govt money???

Then this comment:

Reply 15—Posted by: AirForceCane, 9/25/2008 10:32:52 PM

All of you who are supporting this splinter group derailing the bailout just elected Barack Obama.

As always, the most partisan and ideological conservatives do more to destroy the party than any liberal can.

And now we get to see what the Obama/Reid/Pelosi bailout plan will look like in February.


September 26

Clem writes:

Re the comment by AirForceCane, I am so tired of this argument. This is the same nonsense the GOP has been using for years (to be fair the Dems use it too). If you vote for and or don’t vote for…YOU are electing the Dems. YOU are putting a Dem in the White House. And now the very same argument is being used to advocate for the bailout. If YOU don’t support this we are going to hell in a handbasket and it is YOUR fault.

LA writes:

Tom Tancredo addresses the illegal alien side of the subprime mortgage disaster.

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