A child not destined to be a general, a congressman, a doctor, a teacher, or even an air conditioner repairman…

… but maybe a drug dealer or an actor in pornographic movies.

I don’t know who Alicia Silverstone is, but she’s a celebrity of some sort, and she just had a son, and she and her husband have named the child Bear Blu.

See our recent discussion on “Names, destiny, and freedom.”

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James R. writes:

She’s an actress who got her start in music videos and subsequently played the lead in the movie “Clueless.”

I suppose the naming of her son proves that life imitates art.

May 10

James P. writes:

It probably goes too far to say that Bear Blu will be a drug dealer or an actor in pornographic movies. Most likely he will be just another awful, drug-addled, Crossroads-attending liberal imbecile.

LA replies:
What is Crossroads?

James P. replies:

Crossroads is a Santa Monica school that many offspring of Hollywood celebrities attend. It prides itself on being “progressive” and is well-known for the drug use of its students.

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