Gunman who stalked couples at motels and forced them to have sex is caught

In the story, from the Daily Mail, there is no mention of race. We know the perpetrator is black because there is a photograph of him; plus his name is Rasheed. But there are of course no photos of the victims. And therefore the racial aspect of the story—of which I would say that there is a 95 to 98 percent likelihood that these were racially motivated crimes aimed at getting power over and humiliating and debasing white people—is unreported.

I did a search to see if any other news sources had information on the race of the victims. I found nothing, but here is an interesting comment from FreeRepublic:

It wasn’t in the Newark Star-Ledger until today. No warning for the locals. And seemingly no alerts at the hotels, no description, so that people checking in could be warned.

“Here’s your keys, and by the way a black guy has been forcing couples into their rooms and sexually assaulting them. Enjoy your stay in New Jersey.”

Here’s the beginning of the Daily Mail article:

A man who police believe has been following couples into several New Jersey hotels, forcing them to have sex with one another before he sexually assaulting the women has finally been caught.

Rasheed Powell, 36, has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault.

Police believe Powell targeted at least six couples that were checking into hotels along Routes 1&9 and were able to catch him when he arrived at court for a traffic violation.

‘Powell is clearly a sexual predator who acted quickly and viciously,’ Union County First Assistant Prosecutor Albert Cernadas Jr said to the Star-Ledger.

Powell would allegedly target couples as they walked toward their rooms.

When they entered the room, he would force his way inside and, at gunpoint, order the man and woman to perform sexual acts on one another as he watched, police said.

He would then lock the man in the bathroom so he could sexually assault the woman, authorities claim.

Powell stalked the Swan and Benedict motels in Linden, NJ, and the Royal Motel in Elizabeth, NJ, beginning his attacks on weekend nights in early March and continuing until last weekend, police said.

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