Black convert to Islam murders entire family

in Austin County, Texas, a 20 year old African-American Muslim named Maron Thomas went on a rampage and shot dead his mother, stepfather, sister, brother, and two year old niece. Then he decapitated the niece with a machete.

Maron Thomas

Thomas’ sister, Ka’Tara Price, 24, of Houston, said she believes anger and Thomas’ conversion to the Muslim religion influenced his actions. She said she is not aware of him suffering from any mental illness.

“It’s anger and pure evilness,” Price said Wednesday night. “He’s always been a very angry person. If he thinks he’s right, he’s right.”

Thomas’s 69 year old step father whom he murdered was named George Washington.

George Washington,
murdered by a Mohammedan fanatic

Did Thomas have an evil in him that was liberated by his conversion to Islam? Did the Koran give him a license to kill?

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January 28

Charles T. writes:

You wrote: “Did Thomas have an evil in him that was liberated by his conversion to Islam? Did the Koran give him a license to kill? ”

It would be very interesting to know how long he had been a Muslim and whether or not he had been taught the following verses.

Sura: 2:191 “And kill them wherever you catch them, and drive them from where they drove you; for civil war is more violent than execution. But do not fight them in the precincts of the sacred mosque, unless they fight you there. If they fight you, then kill them; such is the reward of the scoffers.”

Sura: 4:89 “They wish you would scoff as they scoff, so you would do the same. So do not befriend any of them until they take refuge in the way of God; but then if they turn traitor, then arrest them and execute them wherever you find them. And do not take any of them for a protector or helper, ”

Sura: 5:51 “Believers, do not take the Jews and Christians for patrons; they are patrons of each other. And whoever chooses them is one of them. God does not guide people acting unjustly. ”

Sura: 7: 4-5 “How many populations have we destroyed! Our vengeance came upon them by night, or while they were napping. And when Our vengeance came over them, their only cry was, “We were indeed wrong!”

Sura 9:5 ” But when the sacred months are past, then kill idolaters wherever you find them, and capture them, and blockade them; and watch for them at every lookout. But if they repent and practice prayer and give alms, then let them go their way; for God is most forgiving, most merciful.”

Sura 66:9 “O Prophet, fight the atheists and hypocrites, and be stern toward them; their abode is hell, and what a miserable destination!:

Verses from the The Koran: (Translation by Thomas Cleary, 2004)

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