Tonight America could very well re-elect an openly treasonous president

Barry Rubin sums up Obama’s pro-jihadist policies in the Middle East in which he has helped our enemies and Israel’s enemies come to power, a policy which, though it is out in the open, the world has hardly noticed, let alone criticized:

Imagine a U.S. president in the 1930s or early 1940s helping fascists get into power and whitewashing their ideology and behavior. Imagine a U.S. president who in the 1950s or 1960s did the same for Communists. How would you feel about such a person and his effect on the world? Recently several readers have written me that they will be voting for Obama because they believe that he has learned his lesson, is a true friend of Israel, hasn’t done harm because he had no control over events. I can understand how people might say such things but not after they’ve read what I’ve written about these matters.

By the way, the election symposiasts at The Paleostinian Conservative (of whom I’ve now read about half) have repeatedly praised Obama as better on foreign policy than Romney. Not one of them has mentioned Obama’s facilitating the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and of jihadist regimes elsewhere.

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