White House leaks identity of top-level CIA agent … silence

This country was torn up for years over the non-leak of the name of the non-undercover CIA employee Valerie Plame. After three years spent investigating this total non-event, the evil special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who knew all along there had been no leak but never told the public this, finally got a conviction against vice presidential chief of staff Lewis Libby for perjury on a matter not directly relevant to the actual non-leak of the identity of the non-undercover agent.

Last week the New York Times, based on information supplied by “senior administration officials,” informed the world that Ahmed Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president, is a CIA-paid undercover asset. As Tony Blankley writing at FrontPage Magazine puts it,

This may well be the most egregious compromise of an extraordinarily valuable and inflammatory secret CIA operative in our history. It was leaked not after the policy was carried out—as in the Plame case—but just weeks before the president will be making his fateful strategy and manpower decision for the Afghan war. It is also just days before the runoff election in Afghanistan, which may well be affected by the release of this shocking information.

Yet so far there have been no cries of outrage, no calls for a special investigation of the leak.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 06, 2009 09:26 AM | Send

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