American Thinker has serious article about the black flash mobs, with the racial angle fully discussed

Larry T. writes:

It looks like this guy at American Thinker has been reading some of your posts.

LA replies:

Fantastic. Not only the first full scale article in a mainstream conservative publication about the black flash mobs, but the statement that “liberalism” is the source of whites’ guilt-ridden sensitivity to nonwhites’ feelings that results in white authorities and media being more concerned about the black attackers than their white victims (and also, I would add, results in the covering up of the racial attacks), and, topping it off, a clear and powerful expression of the First Law: “The worse the violence gets, the more sensitive we’ll have to be.”

Here’s the whole paragraph:

How did we reach the point where the only group whose feelings need to be consulted are minorities? Liberalism. Part of liberalism is the notion that minorities need special help, attention, and heightened sensitivity. Along with that, liberalism promotes white guilt and the peculiar desire to “help people” at any cost. The result is that the media gives credence and coverage to mere feelings when real people are being attacked. Of course, the worse the violence gets, the more sensitive we’ll have to be. The flash mobs and mob attacks will require the utmost sensitivity from us, as they are only going to increase. They’ve already occurred in Atlanta, Kansas City, Boston, Nashville, Charlotte, St. Paul, Minnesota, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Columbia, South Carolina, and even in Iowa on what was called “beat whitey night.”

The piece is written by John Bennett, a veteran and law student at Emory University. Mr. Bennett, my hat’s off to you. And congratulations to AT for publishing this.

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James R. writes:

“the best thing CBS in Chicago has to say about that is that black teenagers are worried about racial profiling.”

Soon-to-be-seen headline, coming to a city near you: “Black Teens Fear Backlash Following Tomorrow’s Flash Mob Attack”

Hannon writes:

After reading John Bennett’s article at American Thinker, I saw this comment:

“Lnpiller” wrote:

Are not any of the liberal media or police authorities or the mayors of these cities concerned about the loss of life due to a racist mob mentality on the part of these black youths? Or is this what the liberals want? Dead children.

The comment sparked the thought that this, after all, is what modern liberalism requires in order to remain vital: increasingly spectacular violence as a predictable outcome of never-ending oppression by whites. Not only will the rest of us be coerced into becoming increasingly sensitive to the Other (black, Moslem, etc.) as their anti-social antics grow more violent and conspicuous, but the steady worsening of the violence is the prime justification for those who claim that this degeneration is the result of our not being sensitive enough. What else could be the result of all the intolerance and discrimination suffered by those groups, but their ever-increasing violence as they grow ever-more “desperate”? It is an endless feedback loop.

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