Looking into the soul of the man who looked into the soul of Atta

Regarding the airline ticket agent who let Muhammad Atta and his fellow mass killer board the plane in Maine on the morning of 9/11, a correspondent writes:

The gate agent who had a hunch but did not act on it, is a product of total dumbing down in our brainwashed society. In days gone by, he would never have felt that he could actually admit such a thing and not be shunned, ostracized or otherwise held accountable for his dereliction of common sense and duty. But in today’s sick world, he feels a catharsis in revealing that he was ashamed to even think that Atta, that satanic agent of Islamic slaughter, could have been a terrorist. The result of his Orwellian-style conditioning: 3000 plus smashed to bits, burned alive, dismembered and thousands of people who lost their loved ones. Yet he “feels bad” about even thinking suspiciously about the protected class, i.e., non-whites and minorities.

LA to correspondent:

Very well stated!

This man had a genuine, moral/spiritual realization. Working at the airport gate that day, he looked into the face of pure evil and recognized it as such. But then he quickly suppressed his recognition. And now, three years later, he’s quite comfortable with having done that. His statement is not a statement of shame at his not having stopped Atta. It’s a statement of loyalty to the liberal ethos that made him suppress his realization and let Atta through.

Possibly the last part of what I said is not correct. Maybe the news story omitted his full statement that would have given it a different meaning. But, as printed, that’s the way it seems.

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