A question about Bristol Palin

Clark Coleman writes:

I was wandering through VFR using the customized Google search feature and came across an old Sarah Palin thread, from shortly after her selection as VP candidate. I was interested in the comments by some of your readers (particularly Robert B. but also a few others) that Bristol Palin would surely marry Levi Johnston and this would make the situation work out just fine.

I wonder if any of these commenters have anything to say about unwed mother Bristol Palin, reality TV star, celebrity because of her unwed mother status, maker of lots of money as spokeswoman against teen pregnancy, etc.

The point is not to taunt people about things they said almost three years ago. My interest is in how we articulate our positions. We say, “I support candidate A because of reasons 1, 2, and 3.” Then reasons 1 and 2 are completely refuted, and we say, “I support candidate A anyway.” This is true of all kinds of positions people take, not just the supporting of candidates. It causes me to wonder what the real, unarticulated reason is for their position.

So, commenters from 2008, what about the Bristol Palin situation?

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Robert B. writes:

The Palins have proven themselves to be a low brow, vulgar group of people incapable of showing shame. Bristol herself should have done the polite thing and stayed out of the public eye with her illegitimate child. I am not one of those who dismissed this child as being irrelevant as I believe it is wholly inappropriate to have children out of wedlock. Sarah Palin has proven herself to be largely a Progressive—what my daughter would call a “DWG”—Democrats With Guns.

Also, Sarah’s voice really grates on my ears.

Alissa writes:

Bristol Palin is a reality TV star who looks more and more like Kim Kardashian everyday. Personally, and I mean no offense, I think the Palins are either ignorant, stupid, liars or delusional.

Jane S. writes:

Robert B. writes: “Bristol herself should have done the polite thing and stayed out of the public eye with her illegitimate child.”

No, she should have done the right thing by the child and placed him for adoption in a home with a mother and a father. Then, if she wanted to, she could use her place in the spotlight to encourage other single teen mothers, and young women contemplating abortion, to do the same.

John Dempsey writes:

Weren’t your commenters paying attention when GW Bush said that “the hardest job in America is being a single mom”?

I just scanned through one of your archives where James W. made the following comment:

“No, Mr. Bush, single moms do not have the toughest job in America; single moms are the toughest job America faces. As P. J. O’Rourke put it, the most socially subversive institution of our time is the one-parent family.”

As you so wisely stated the other day, “there is a connection between private morality and public responsiblity.” Apparently, Sarah Palin doesn’t agree.

Anyone who would perpetuate this societal tragedy by publicly flaunting single-parent child rearing is not suited to represent liberal America, let alone conservatism.

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