Free America! End the universal pat-down! Start ethnic profiling!

The same New York Post article also contains this unexplained tidbit:
“One flight attendant asked him what he had had in his pocket, and he replied, ‘Explosive device,’” according to the Justice Department.

Are we to understand that the flight attendant accepted Mutallab’s remark as a joke? Since when are ANY jokes in an airport or airliner about terrorism looked at as just jokes?

Hey, if the flight attendant was in such a jokey mood, maybe she should have said to Mutallab, “Is that a PETN-filled condom in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

It’s all a fraud. While hundreds of thousands of harmless, non-Muslim air travelers are daily subjected to humiliating and demoralizing security procedures, procedures that make it seem as though WE are the enemy, actual security against actual Muslim terrorists is neglected. People grumble all the time about these intolerable airport security procedures, but no one does anything about it. What is needed is a popular movement like the tea party movement, preferably supported and joined by elected politicians, that calls for an end to this universal abasement of the American people and for focusing security measures on the group that is the source of airline terrorism.

* * *

I was just talking with a man in my neighborhood who a couple of years ago on a trip to Italy for scubadiving absentmindedly put some spears in his carry-on bag, and he flew from New York to Milan before any security officials noticed what he was carrying. Meanwhile, we all have to take off our shoes and have our toothpaste tubes examined and be patted down like criminals.

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