Whom to vote for in South Carolina

Allan E. writes:


Since Michele Bachmann is no longer in the race, who do you like now? I have been leaning toward Ron Paul (I realize you loathe his views; it was really just last man standing for me after looking at the other choices). Then I became more favorable of Gingrich for standing up to the race-baiting questions of Juan Williams. After reading your latest entry on the confusing and contradictory situation we face, I realize I cannot vote for Gingrich.

For me, the most important issues are stopping immigration (illegal first, legal second), separating from the Islamic world, and standing up to “black run America”.

LA replies:

There isn’t anyone I support now. But I must admit that I’m hoping Gingrich wins in South Carolina, not because I support him, but in order to keep the race going. Maybe Romney’s nomination is inevitable, and maybe I’ll vote for him, but he needs to be challenged more. At the same time the spectacle of these two non-conservatives each calling the other a non-conservative is pretty funny.

None of your three priorities will happen under either Gingrich or Romney, though I think Romney is less likely to support amnesty than Gingrich.

But what about Santorum—or, as a reader called him this morning, Sanctorum (because his candidacy appears to be based solely on Luke 18:11, “God, I thank thee, that I am not as these other men are”)? Santorum made that startling statement against chain migration this week, though he needs to flesh out his ideas more. As soon as I post this exchange, I will post Roy Beck’s e-mail earlier in the week about Santorum’s immigration position (it’s here). Maybe you’ll want to vote for him. However, if one supports Santorum, one should still hope for Gingrich to win in South Carolina so as to deny an early victory to Romney in the nomination contest and keep the race open.

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Allan E. writes:

I appreciate your response. There is no candidate that advocates a traditionalist understanding of America. I realize none of my priorities, all centered on preserving our particular existence, will happen under any of these people.

At this point, it is just a bloodsport to toughen and prepare the eventual nominee for the struggle against Obama. Where are the Tea Party voices? Where are the forces that pushed us to a small victory in the House in 2010?

Santorum just seems so small. He won’t look his opponents in the eye, and he becomes over-emotional and shrill even on insignificant subjects. [LA replies: As I’ve said before, I just can’t take him seriously, he comes across as a self-righteous whiner rather than a leader.]

I think we will get the government we deserve, as God Almighty has given the unrepentent West over to its sins.

Brandon F. writes:

I am surprised and disappointed in your hope that Gingrich win S.C. Just to keep it going? For what? So Romney can keep getting attacked from the left by so called conservatives? To soften him up so that whatever chance he has of winning the general election is reduced?

The choice is now clear. Romney, with all his faults, is clearly the intellectual and moral superior to Gingrich. Do we want Obama to have another chance at this? Newt Gingrich will be shredded by his own mouth and past lives in the general election. He is no less a moderate and flip-flopper than Romney.

Romney is a Mormon and that is why the evangelicals in the South and Iowa don’t like him. Why else would they vote for a Catholic (I am referring to their distaste for the Catholic Church), serial adulterer, political hydra, and otherwise despicable candidate?

John King and CNN are also partly responsible for keeping Gingrich in the race. They never imagined that Newt, who is very clever and quick thinking, would take that stupid question and rally the troops. He handed John King his ass on national TV and that was just what the voters want for now. It won’t do for later.

It is also despicable for Gingrich to attack Romney for being a good capitalist. Why Romney is so intimidated by it I do not understand. [LA replies: That’s an example of why I hope the race keeps going after S.C. If Romney is the ultimate nominee, it is better that he take these challenges now and learn how to handle them.]

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