Seeing the real Dems at last—a revolutionary party out to conquer America

Columnist Michael Goodwin, who voted for Obama in 2008, changed his mind in 2009 when he saw the porkulus and the proposed Obamacare. Now, following the Democratic convention, he sees the Democrats as they really are, a party “whipping themselves into a frenzy of grievance that justifies seeing their fellow Americans as both evil and a free-cash machine.”

Wow, he gets it. As I wrote in October 2003:

To the alienated, leftist mind, the United States is simultaneously Satan and Santa Claus, the source of all the evil in the world and the source of all goodies; who is, moreover, evil precisely because he is withholding the goodies that it is in his power easily to give.

Here is Goodwin’s column, in today’s New York Post:

Dems’ Dear Leader plotting our grim future
September 7, 2012

The system is rigged. America is unjust. Opportunity is dead. You didn’t build that.

Dammit, where’s mine?

Oh, and Republicans are the people who rigged the system. They’re trying to take away your rights to vote, to health care, to education, to housing. They hate women, gays and immigrants. They don’t pay their fair share and they’re un-American.

Barack Obama lights candles, Mitt Romney spreads darkness, and Osama bin Laden is dead.

There, I saved you the time of watching the Democratic convention. For three grating days, demands for more government spending were coupled with sweeping character assassinations of Romney. The GOP is not just wrong; it is immoral.

Don’t agree? You’re not patriotic.

It turns out that the party that left God out of its platform has a religious zeal for its leader. “We believe in Barack Obama,” Sen. John Kerry thundered, to uproarious applause.

Folks, we’ve entered Dear Leader territory.

The wild, outlandish claims that America is corrupt, Republicans are super-villains and Obama is a super-hero were made by every speaker over three raucous nights. A president, a first lady, a former president, a sitting vice president, top members of Congress, labor leaders, celebrities, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, blacks, whites, Latinos—all stayed on the scorched-earth message softened only by homilies to Obama.

Something shocking is happening to the Democratic Party. Its committed adherents are whipping themselves into a frenzy of grievance that justifies seeing their fellow Americans as both evil and a free-cash machine.

Obama did not singlehandedly create this mad orgy, but he lit the match and shows the way. On this, he is a true leader, a transformative one. His invocation of FDR is not unwarranted, even as his channeling of Lincoln’s pain smacked of cheesy self-reverence.

When he says voters “will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation,” he understates the fact. The two paths are a twain that shall never meet.

His rhetorical skills, uncompromising ambition and 1,000-watt smile were on full display last night, unfortunately in service to a vision that would surely bankrupt America.

Instead of a guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, our culture would be reshaped by a growing collectivist power, vested in the state, that would command ever more resources and control. The claim of “leveling the playing field” is, in reality, a plan to control the outcome.

As famously promised, the financial crisis has not been wasted. The recession lingers for many families. Unemployment remains stuck at a destructive level. The deficit soars—we borrow nearly $3 billion a day, $20 billion a week, $1 trillion a year.

These are serious problems to most mortals, but for him, they are rich opportunities to expand the reach of Washington. The soaring debt is not soaring enough, so more treasure must be thrown into the bonfire of his vanities. It is a fire consuming the future under the guise of fairness.

This is not mere class warfare. That’s just a tactic. The goal, as it always has been for his kind throughout history, is to accumulate power that the elite can wield without accountability or checks and balances.

Give the man his due. We have not seen his like in our times. His charisma and political skills are unmatched. If only they were admirably used.

Obama promised to unite the country and, his lie exposed, is now determined to win re-election by any means necessary. He may succeed.

Beware, America. The wraps have come off.

Obama is unbound and the delegates in the convention hall went home in full revolutionary spirit. They don’t want to unite America. They want to conquer it.

Barack Obama did build that.

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Daniel F. writes:

I have little patience for supposedly sophisticated people who voted for Obama four years ago and now complain about what he and his gargoyles are doing to the country. Anybody halfway informed about the political landscape of this country, and where Obama came from in that landscape, and who is advisors and influences were, knew that he was not some sort of slightly-left-of-center, mainstream, border-state Democrat circa 1996. Maybe suburban golf-playing dentists and soccer moms have an excuse for being fooled, but a political journalist who was taken in by Obama’s ghostwritten “bipartisan” rhetoric and smooth style into believing the man was anything other than what he has been in office—well, such a person should consider a career selling shoes. I agree that Obama is a talented politician, and as intelligent as the average Harvard Law School graduate, but to say that his skills and charisma are “unmatched” is nothing more than a lame excuse for one’s own foolishness in voting for him. What Obama is, is the most talented and intelligent BLACK politician the country has ever seen. And, in fact, he’s only half-black by birth, and is entirely white by upbringing and education.

LA replies:

I agree with you 100 percent and have often thought the same (and may have said the same at VFR), that a man whose job is as a political journalist and who believed in 2008, as Goodwin has said he believed, that Obama was nothing more than a moderate liberal, has admitted his incompetence in his profession.

However, that doesn’t change the value of this column. To paraphrase the Christian saying: Love the column, not the columnist.

Randy writes:

As awful as it is to contemplate an Obama second term, I wonder if it would still not be the best outcome. The economy is on the brink. The new taxes and the impact of the last four years will begin to be seen. Obama and the thugocracy should be there to be held accountable. When the Democrats take power they do everything they can to consolidate that power and neutralize their opposition. With Romney, we will have another George Bush doing everything he can to “reach out” and find “common ground,” as he is not committed to conservative principles. He will flounder around with the media constantly on the attack.

Maybe we need a catastrophic defeat with the hope that the delusional conservatives come to a realization about what we are dealing with. Unfortunately, the other possibility is that the Democrats will be able to become entrenched as the ruling party in a tyrannical, fascist state, unstoppable in their efforts to dismantle what is left of the U.S.

Interesting not note the familiar scenario quoted one more can be added: From democracy to mobocracy to thugocracy.

Karl D. writes:

I watched about two hours of the DNC convention and was struck by how the Democratic party has been transformed into a party of the hard left wing. I saw people holding signs that said “Arab Americans for Obama,” “Brazilian Americans for Obama” “Mexican Americans for Obama” and a group of homosexuals jumping up and down under the now ubiquitous rainbow gay flag. No more plain old Americans, but a balkanized collection of grievance groups. Then there was the booing of God and the rejection of Israel. This was not the same party of as short a time ago as Bill Clinton’s in the ’90s. I don’t recall any past DNC convention looking like or having the same feel as this one. It was utterly alien and, as you have said, revolutionary.

LA writes:

The title of this entry is a paraphrase of a 1984 Bob Dylan song, “Seeing the Real You at Last.” The lyrics are not bad, and are appropriate to the present subject—a moderate liberal and 2008 Obama voter finally understanding what the Democrats are really about.

Also, I’ve paraphrased the same line in two previous blog entries, here and here.

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