Malkin on Progressives of Pallor

Name the leftist group—the Occupy movement, the Obama re-election campaign, the leftist major media. All of them, in this country with over 100 million nonwhites, are all or virtually all white. Why the exclusive whiteness, in a movement whose main battle cry is the ever-increasing inclusion of nonwhites? Michelle Malkin is on the case.

Pale Progressives: Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago

I would say that at least part of the answer is supplied by my Three-Character Script of Liberalism. There are virtually no nonwhites in these liberal organizations, because in the liberal script nonwhites are not moral agents, but only the passive recipients of either the liberal whites’ virtuous inclusiveness or the putatively non-liberal whites’ vicious and murderous non-inclusiveness.

I say “putatively non-liberal,” because under the reign of liberalism reality is made to fit the script, rather than vice versa. Thus the most notorious white non-liberal in America today is George Zimmerman, who is a nonwhite Democrat.

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Dave T. writes:

But isn’t the answer obvious? The reason politically active leftist groups are almost entirely white is that the vast bulk of the nonwhite population isn’t ideologically leftist, rather they vote for leftist parties because those parteis are actively engaged in empowering nonwhites. The reason why blacks vote for the left is that the left gives them a measure of aid and social power that is not offered to them by the right, and that they would not otherwise have given their status as a hopelessly dysfunctional ethnic minority. When blacks vote for the left they are voting for their own empowerment, they are most certainly not voting for the left because they share the same values and/or ideological commitments as academia.

This analysis roughly holds for all other nonwhite groups as well, many of these group have come here recently for practical reasons and vote accordingly. In general, nonwhites are interested in power and wealth, it’s only whites that work themselves up into an ideological froth. It’s worth mentioning that a propensity for abstract thought is one of the singular features of Western civilization and the reason why it was Western civilization that invented the modern world and not one of the more meticulous civilizations of the Far East.

LA replies:

This is very good. But I would say that your explanation, while different from mine, is not the contrary of it, but complements and extends it. Nonwhites are not moral agents within the moral drama of liberalism because, as you have put it so well, they are not interested in or involved in that drama. They are the beneficiaries of it—getting power, goods, services, group self esteem, etc. from it. It’s the whites who are involved in a moral drama. The nonwhites are just getting what they can get.

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Dave T. writes:

Thank you for putting my thoughts on your blog. Moreover, I’m in full agreement as to the complementary nature of our respective analyses.

Paul K. writes:

I agree with Dave T.

I have liberal relatives who couldn’t understand it when blacks voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 8, banning gay marriage, in California. They think of blacks as a key part of the liberal coalition. In fact, nothing about the liberal coalition interests blacks except the parts that benefit themselves.

I sometimes wonder if the concept of political reciprocity is a peculiarly Western ideal—I’ll respect your rights if you respect mine. We don’t see much of it in non-Western cultures or peoples. For example, Jews think that since they consistently work for black interests, blacks should reciprocate by moderating their anti-Semitism. Doesn’t seem to have happened.

Beth M. writes:

People of color, and black people especially, are not known for their volunteerism. Blacks generally will not volunteer even to improve a school in which their children are currently enrolled. But I was shocked by the photo of Obama’s Chicago campaign staff. Obama isn’t just the Democratic candidate, he is the first black president, and Chicago is his home turf. The level of whiteness shown in the photo is a genuine surprise. You would think that ambitious black students would be volunteering just to make connections.

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