More synchronicity, re Bob Dylan

This afternoon, I posted “He Belongs to Us: The relevance of Bob Dylan to traditionalists.” A couple of hours later, Brad C. wrote:

And of course, synchronicity kicks in at VFR as Dylan received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award at the White House today.

Which I knew nothing about until Brad told me.

Of course I don’t give a hang about the Presidential Medal of Freedom, especially after Dubya reduced it to the equivalent of a retirement watch for George (“Slam Dunk!”) Tenet and others of his pals, and it’s been handed out to all kinds of semi-worthless people since then. For example, along with Dylan, another recipient today is the hugely overrated, anti-white novelist Tony Morrison. Further, the idea of a countercultural figure like Dylan getting official awards from the establishment is an absurdity. It makes the recipient absurd, and it makes the establishment absurd.

Finally, the fact that leftist, anti-white, anti-American president of the U.S. thinks highly of Dylan does not change the reasons I said he is relevant to traditionalists. The liberals have their Dylan; we have ours.

* * *

I note that Dylan himself seems to recognize the absurdity of the proceedings. Here is the septuagenarian weirdo at the White House today, wearing a suit with what look like question marks all over it:


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Richard B. (who has co-authored two Dylan take-offs with me (“Visions of Obama” and “The Lonesome Life of George Zimmerman”), writes:

Brilliant observation:

“Here is the septuagenarian weirdo at the White House today, wearing a suit with what look like question marks all over it.”


LA replies:

From another photo I saw in today’s paper, I don’t think that they were question marks, but some kind of odd buttons.

By the way, another of the Medal of Freedom recipients yesterday is a socialist (I don’t have his name) who has urged the redistribution of wealth. The Presidential Medal of Freedom has become trash.

This constant giving of awards in our society is a symptom of advanced decadence. The more unworthy we are, the more we shower one another with awards.

LA to Richard B.:

Thanks for sending that, because I had missed my typo of writing “House House” instead of “White House.”

Richard B. replies:

I missed it too! I was too taken with the “question mark suit.” Was it a Dylan statement?

LA replies:

That’s what I thought, but, from another photo I’ve seen, I’m no longer sure that those things on his jacket are question marks. I guess I was reading that into it.

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