Sudden Savage Syndrome in Deutschland

Mark Jaws writes:

Here is a German article discussing in detail and showing video of the stomping attack on a German worker in Berlin by a diverse gang of four immigrant youth hailing from Kenya, Kosovo, Bosnia and Iraq.

The German was beaten into a coma and nearly died. The “students” yelled racial epithets while doing their dirty deed. Talk about a random tragedy. You don’t have to speak a work of German to see how this crime is treated and how the community has reacted.

LA replies:

I don’t agree that without German one can understand how the crime is being treated. Maybe there’s an English language story on this in the English version of Der Spiegel. I’ll check.

Here is something I found in Der Spiegel on a subway attack in Berlin (“Subway Beating Becomes Campaign Issue”), but I don’t think it’s the same beating, as it involved two assailants.

In fact there have been numerous such assaults. The story says:

The case is one in a series of highly publicized attacks on public transportation over the last year in the German capital that have frightened the public and prompted local political parties on the right to make the safety of the city’s train platforms and buses a campaign issue. The most recent attack was reported Sept. 8 at an U-Bahn station in the northwestern district of Wedding, in which a 57-year-old man was hit in the face by two men in their early twenties.

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