Thanks from a reader

Gintas writes:

I don’t want to flatter or suck-up, but I really appreciate all I’ve learnt over the last few years from you. All the years of reading conservative magazines, I was still unsure about all the pieces I had rattling around in my bin of ideas. Once I started reading VFR, I was able to start putting the pieces together in a coherent manner. I think Mark Richardson’s Oz Conservative is about as good, but with a much narrower focus. And once pieces are together coherently, I can see how other folks’ pieces fit.

LA replies:

Thank you very much. I’m very happy to know that I’ve helped you in that way, because what you’ve learned, is also what I learned in the long process of trying to figure all this out. There was this mix of things that didn’t fit together or make sense, individually or together. It took a lot of intellectual work over many years, many questions being asked, many little and big “epiphanies,” that gradually, by stages, brought things into a clearer view.

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Morgan writes from Wigan, England:

I have copied this entry [Geert Wilders’s Copenhagen speech] word-for-word to our Wigan page. While I was at it, I also copied your short entry about Mr Griffin’s interview with John Humphreys of the BBC.

I provided a link to your main page, rather than an item-specific link (many of our readers are elderly and not web wise, and do not know how to go from a page-specific address to a main page. I think it would do good to have more people reading you generally rather than just reading specific items).

Reading your general output on a daily basis—which I do—is helping me slowly get a grasp of American politics and media, and some of the characters involved. This is an area of great ignorance in me. I always THOUGHT I had an understanding—but it was only a BBC understanding. Before getting a computer a little over three years ago, my entire sources of information were BBC Radio 4 and the Guardian. So you might be able to imagine my opinions on virtually everything under the sun. Oh boy was the internet an eye-opener.

Thank you very much

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