A conservative’s despair about what Bush has done to America

In reply to my last post about President Bush’s betrayals, a reader writes:

Your words echo my thoughts exactly. Since this last nomination the last shred of naive hope I had is not only gone, but I am really angrier at myself than at anyone. I have been reluctant to call myself a 100% traditional conservative like yourself. I’ve been keeping just a bit of one foot on the side of compromise. It was so easy to be fooled after 9/11. Wasn’t Bush relieved to shed those inopportune acts of terrorism that forced him to act like a conservative when, in November 2004, he announced, “I’ve been given a mandate and I intend to use it.” I shuddered when he said that, but still prayed it didn’t mean what I feared.

Besides all the domestic issues and Iraq, let’s not forget to mention his betrayal of Israel and his generous subsidizing of the Palestinian terrorists, and his betrayal of Europe and Western culture with his promotion of Turkey to the EU.

Nobody muddies the waters like the Bushes—pčre et fils. Nobody I’ve seen in politics casts such ambiguity over issues that cry out for clarity. They are not overt traitors; their conduct has the characteristics of espionage. They are secretive in the way they lure people to their side, re-assuring them and betraying them so painlessly they don’t even feel it. Their job was to see to it that America never again becomes conservative and they did this by doling out little bits here and there of conservative rations to their starving subjects.

Remember that first ghastly debate last year? That was the real Bush—a man incapable of defending principles he didn’t believe in anyway. They must have given him steroids for the second debate.

Many Republicans are waking up, but I don’t think it matters now. We have lost the greatest opportunity we had to save this country. Everything could have changed for the better after 9/11. Instead we’re saddled with a party in ruins, a lousy war, and a more depraved and confused America, inching slowly towards Islamization.

Let me close with the immortal words of David Horowitz—Happy Ramadan.

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