The definitive truth revealed: global warming is manmade after all

Global warming is manmade, all right. It’s made by men in lab coats who angle for government grants by fudging the data.
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In connection with which, James Delingpole at The Telegraph has an amusing collection of responses by prominent AGW proponents (a.k.a. warm-mongers) and their defenders to the scandal.

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N. writes:

Henry Payne at the “Planet Gore” weblog of National Review writes a startling article in which he reminds us that the great environmental concern of the 1970s and 1980s, acid rain, turned out to be not at all what was claimed.

What’s more, an honest soil scientist had his reputation ruined by the EPA because he reported the facts as they were found: emissions from coal fired power plants in the Midwest did not cause lakes in New York to become acid, the soil around the lakes did that.

One of the articles he refers to is this well written and short piece of work in Reason magazine from the early 1990s. It is an eye opening piece of work. Over seven years of research was basically thrown away, because it didn’t fit the narrative of the EPA. Billions of dollars have been spent to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act passed to “solve” acid rain … a problem that didn’t need solving in the first place.

The implications of the above for the scandal of the “global warming” researchers should be obvious. It is not inappropriate to call this “Climaquiddick” in some ways.

LA replies:

I had forgotten all about acid rain. There are these fear campaigns that dominate the media for a few years, and then they just go away. Unless acid rain was a real problem and it was solved, and that’s why they stopped talking about it?

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