I just realized, today is the anniversary of the battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862, the bloodiest day in American history. Here are some thoughts about Antietam posted three years ago.

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Rick Darby writes:

Did you actually not know you were at the Antietam battlefield when you got out of your car and received those impressions?

It suggests you are clairvoyant to some degree. Have you had other psychic experiences?

LA replies:

I knew I was at the Antietam battlefield. The Antietam battlefield covers a wide area, with different sections within it where different parts of the battle occurred at different times throughout the day. The spot where I got out of my car and walked onto the grass turned out to be the spot in the battle, called the Bloody Lane I believe, where one of the most intense confrontations occurred, basically two masses of man firing virtually pointblank at each other. That is what I didn’t know until later. In Battle Cry of Freedom, James McPherson has a quote from a soldier describing the sheer death-madness, a kind of ectasy, that took over the men in this confrontation and he may have been describing the encounter near the Bloody Lane.

It’s possible, since I knew I was in a battlefield, that I “imagined” those impressions, or it’s possible that I was picking up the real mental impressions that are still there. My experience was that it was the latter. It was something that just spontaneously came to me.

I am intuitively sensitive to a certain degree, but not what is called clairvoyant.

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