NRO endorses Ridley Scott’s liberal epic

NRO’s review of Ridley Scott’s movie about the Crusades, Kingdom of Heaven, exemplifies the cultural ignorance and liberal drift in the “conservative” movement in general and among the little microcon generation x-ers who run NRO in particular. The review, by Steve Beard, is a collection of liberal clichés. Showing no awareness of any historical context, Beard writes about the Crusades as if there was no existing world: Here are some Christians, and here are some Moslems, and isn’t it a shame how intolerant everyone is. Can’t we get along? The liberal relativist message of the movie is wholeheartedly endorsed by the reviewer. He even says approvingly that the film “goes to great lengths to make a distinction between heart-felt faith and institutional religion.” So, is National Review, which was founded as a Catholic-centric magazine and has worshipped at the feet of Pope John Paul II, now against the Catholic Church, as well as against historical Christianity generally?

That Kathryn Jean Lopez is willing to publish an ignorant—and thoroughly liberal—piece such as Beard’s ought to get her fired as NRO’s editor. But that’s not likely to happen. While worthy pieces are published there occasionally, the political and literary standards at NRO have been quite low for some time, and National Review’s higher-ups as well as its readers don’t seem to care. They’re all been Goldbergized, Derbyshirized, Stuttafordized, Potemrized…

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 06, 2005 10:59 AM | Send

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