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America is in a situation unlike any in her history. The two presumptive major party nominees have each engaged in lying of a type and significance never seen before in a presidential campaign. Obama has been a congregant for 20 years at a hate-America black church where the services are the black American equivalent of a Nuremberg rally, an orgy of collective hatred against America and whites, yet he denies knowing anything about it, he denies the undeniable, and the mainstream media help him in the cover-up. McCain, reversing his previous immigration position in the summer of 2007, claimed over and over for a year, in his speeches and his campaign ads in every primary state, that he had “gotten the message” and would not seek the legalization of illegal aliens—known as “amnesty”—until the borders were secure and the immigration laws were being enforced. This position enabled him to come back from political near-death and win the nomination. And almost as soon as he had won it, he turned around again and baldly stated in a speech that he would seek amnesty as soon as he is sworn in next January. And the conservative media, including organs that oppose McCain on amnesty, have barely mentioned the switch, concealing McCain’s own revelation of the biggest single lie ever told in American politics.

President Nixon led the massive cover-up in the Watergate affair, and lied to the American people about it, and was ultimately and deservedly forced from office because of it. But that concerned specific criminal acts by members of his administration. President Clinton was the fastest, most voluptuous liar anyone ever saw. He lied the way other men breathe. But Clinton never told lies of the importance of those that Obama and McCain have told, lies that go to the life of our nation. McCain seeks the immediate legalization of 12 million illegal aliens and he lied about it for a year in order to secure the nomination. Obama is a life-long member of a hate-America church and he’s lying about it now. Lies of this magnitude, on matters of this magnitude, amount to a deliberate—and in McCain’s case, open—attack on society. Each of these candidates, aided by the media, is attempting a hostile takeover of the United States. The choice for next president is between two political criminals. America is in a situation unlike any other in her history.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 03, 2008 09:02 AM | Send

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