These are the people—this is the country—we’re supposed to root for?

How are the Olympics, with the athletes displaying ghetto attitude and dressed in prostitutes’ hot pants, distinct from America’s and the world’s dominant trash culture? And why should traditional Americans identify with and support either?

Our heroes? Yours, maybe, but not mine.

Our stand toward the present unconstitutional, homosexualist, feminist, multiculturalist, pro-sharia, pro-black racialist, anti-white American regime and its official and quasi-official bodies (such as the mainstream media and the U.S. Olympics Committee) should be that of internal dissidents, not supporters and patriots.

Nine years ago today, I posted “A Traditionalist’s Credo”:

I declare that this government is no longer a constitutional and moral form of government. I will deal with it, and I will obey its laws, and I will support it when it is defending our country from foreign and domestic enemies. I will vote in its elections and participate in its political debates. But I will never accept it. I aim at a restoration of constitutional and moral order.

In the nine years since I wrote those words, our government, and its official and quasi-official extensions, have become far more unconstitutional and immoral. When I say that I don’t support the U.S. Olympics team, I am not saying anything I have not said since the beginning of this blog.

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