The Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog rule comes to high school sports

According to an AP story linked at Powerline, “The football committee of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which governs high school sports, is adopting a ‘score management’ policy that will suspend coaches whose teams win by more than 50 points.” For those who haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, the Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog rule was a law passed to eliminate any advantage that some industrial concerns might have over others, by penalizing the more productive and successful companies. And notice the sinister jargon. They don’t call it socialism or Communism any more, they call it “management.”

James R. writes:

It’s a fine time for this rule to come along. When I was in high school we lost two football games by scores of 66-0 and 74-6, respectively. When I was a senior we were outscored 45-44 on the season … 45 touchdowns to 44 points. [LA adds: for non-Americans, that means at least 270 points to 44.]

LA replies:

Did it traumatize your high school? Did it traumatize you?


Not at all, life goes on. Football was followed by basketball which we played very well, once lacking but a single basket of tripling the opponent’s score. They didn’t seem traumatized either.

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