Another anti-Semite finds me out

Another person on the warpath against me today is the anti-Semite “Tanstaafl.” He has found and quotes at length various statements of mine about the Jews, including my 2004 FrontPage Magazine article, “Why Jews Welcome Moslems,” and concludes that I’m an anti-Semite just like him, and therefore I’m a lousy hypocrite for condemning him and refusing to have anything to do with him. It is the case that anti-Semites, whose intellects are pathologically distorted, are unable to see any distinction between rational criticism of Jews and their own dehumanization of Jews. By the way, Tanstaafl, unable to resist for a second showing us where he’s really coming from, consistently spells the word “Jews” as “jews,” lower case.

I was challenged once before on the supposed similarity between my ideas and those of anti-Semites, and in reply I wrote the article, “Is my criticism of Jewish attitudes the same as Kevin MacDonald’s?”

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Mark A. writes:

I noticed you mentioned that he spells Jew in the lowercase “jew.” He clearly is writing this to express a dehumanization of Jews. I agree. However, I must ask this: Why do I always see Gentile written in lowercase “gentile?” I have a liberal Jewish friend who writes to me and constantly capitalizes Jew and writes Gentile in the lowercase “gentile.” I also see this in many publications. I thought Gentile was capitalized in the New Testament, yet I always see it written today in lowercase. Why is this?

LA writes:

I think I generally capitalize Gentiles, but I’m not sure that it’s a rule. After all, it’s not strictly speaking a proper name, the name of a particular group. Gentiles comes from the Latin word for the Hebrew word goyim, meaning the nations, which in the Bible means the nations other than Israel. Goy is nation, goyim is nations. Israel is also a goy.

Mark A. writes:

Interesting. For some reason I thought it was a proper name for a tribe of people. Thanks for the reply.

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