NR publishes pro-homosexual “marriage” article

Michael Barone has an piece at National Review Online supporting homosexual “marriage.” Back in the day, would NR have published an article supporting, say, socialism? Of course not. But it now publishes articles in favor of the most radical social innovation in history. This is not an entirely new development. Back in 2003, I wrote an entry, “NR waves the white flag at homosexual marriage,” concerning a cover article at NR by editor Ramesh Ponnuru. He protested my characterization, but it was correct.

In that same entry I wrote:

In the face of the seemingly unstoppable advance of the cultural left and the abasement of mainstream conservatives before it, there is one thing that traditionalists must remember above all else: never to let go of the truth, even if falsehood seems to be taking over the whole world. That is the opposite of the emerging philosophy at National Review. NR famously began its existence by standing athwart history yelling stop. Now its philosophy is to consult popular opinion on the most fundamental questions of human existence, and adjust to it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

However, NR is rather selective when it comes to consulting popular opinion. Following the dishonest pattern of every homosexual-“marriage” advocate, Barone references a single Gallup poll in 2010 showing that 53 percent of Americans support homosexual “marriage,” and he makes that one poll dispositive. Barone does not mention the fact that in every state referendum that has been held on the issue, homosexual “marriage” has been defeated. How interesting that Barone thinks that a telephone poll is a more significant indication of public opinion than the actual votes of citizens in numerous state referenda.

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