What the French think of the messiah

Mark P. writes:

I have some interesting news about France.

A friend of mind went there for a week’s long vacation. Every stereotype of the French that he ever had was exploded. The French were some of the nicest people he had ever met.

Among the things he brought up was how the French and the French press think Obama is a joke. The only place where Obama is popular is among the Muslims and Moroccans.

LA replies:

Well, if you’re a leftist messiah, and the French think you’re a joke, the handwriting is on the wall.

Remember how the positive French response to The Gulag Archipelago permanently altered the European left’s view of Soviet Communism. Decades earlier, the former Communist Arthur Koestler had written The God That Failed. But it was only when the French agreed that the god had failed, that that view became the accepted view.

May 15

Gintas writes:

Don’t forget The Black Book of Communism was by Frenchmen.

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