Premature celebration syndrome?

Alan M. writes:

I’ve been absolutely surprised by the left-wing media’s premature celebratory stance today. Will they remember the part they believe they have played in all of this when it likely turns not to dust but to brimstone? We can only pray for our sake that they are right and that the forces of darkness don’t end up taking over Egypt.

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N. writes:

Not to worry. If or when Egypt slides down into anarchy and/or Islamic dictatorship, the left will deny any responsibility and insist that it was all the fault of neocons. I personally saw this in the early 1980s; the same liberals who cheered the Shah’s evacuation from Iran never, ever admitted that they had contributed in even the smallest way to the creation of the Islamic dictatorship.

Similarly, the same liberals who were ecstatic over the end of the conversion of Rhodesia into Zimbabwe never, ever admitted that they played a part in creation of yet another black despotism.

Being a leftist means never, ever having to admit that you were wrong.

February 12

James N. writes:

“Being a leftist means never, ever having to admit that you were wrong.”

N. misses the point. The leftists who supported the overthrow of the Shah, of the white government in Rhodesia, of Mubarak, were NOT wrong.

They were all signal VICTORIES in the left’s war against our people and our civilization. To perceive that the left were “wrong,” you must believe that the left are OPPOSED to what N. refers to as “the forces of darkness.”

Unfortunately, my dear N., the left not only do not oppose “the forces of darkness,” the left ARE the forces of darkness.

As the lights go out in Iran, in Rhodesia, in Egypt, the left move ever closer to their heart’s desire. Why should they “admit they were wrong” when their strategy of conquest and destruction moves ever closer to triumph?

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