Liberals live in the past

On the subject of neocon columnist Jennifer Rubin’s expressed wish that “half the world” come to America, Paul K. writes:

Jennifer Rubin claims that in the halcyon, pre-1921 days, anyone who was “not a criminal or a cretin” was welcome in America (she left out those with infectious diseases). She overlooks the fact that without the welfare system that exists now, immigrants had to make it on their own. Some forty percent were unable to do so and returned to Europe—would that that were true today!

What strikes me about liberals is that when they talk about immigration or race relations, they always want to refer to the situation 100 years ago, not the situation today. When the topic is immigration, you’d think America was still an underpopulated nation with rapidly expanding industries and a labor shortage. When they speak of race, you’d think blacks were still drinking from separate water fountains and living in terror of the KKK.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 07, 2011 08:55 AM | Send

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