The Secret Service gets secretly serviced

Regarding the Secret Service / hookers scandal in Colombia, in which

One of 11 elite agents assigned to ensure President Obama’s protection at a summit meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, was busted after his lady of the evening refused to leave his hotel room in the morning without her fee…. That woman was one of 11 hookers hired by the agents …

Don Surber in the Charleston Daily Mail concisely sums up its meaning: “The once highly respected Secret Service has fallen to being just another government bureaucracy where employees party on the public dime.”

But we should not ignore another possible angle on this event, the racial angle. Is it merely a coincidence that this scandal has occurred three years into the presidency of Obama, who has greatly increased the number of blacks in the Secret Service? It would be interesting to know the racial composition of the group of “partying” agents.

Update: I see from a Google search that the title of this entry, which I thought clever, is far from original.

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Aditya B. writes:

I think your hunch about the racial angle may be accurate. I haven’t been able to locate a single photograph of the agents implicated in this scandal. Based on MSM rules of reporting, had these men been prototypical Abercrombe & Fitch types, their faces would be plastered over every rag in this nation.

The only photos I can find are a bunch of thuggish-looking white guys standing around Mein Obama.

As you know, this scandal only broke because one of these partiers had a dispute over money with the call girl. Blacks are well known for their stinginess.

Could be a homeboy who bounced the ho out of his room cuz she be gettin’ all up in his grill.

Jus’ sayin’.

LA replies:

Clearly Mr. B. has gone beyond the neoconservative notion of America as an abstract set of principles and has been assimilating American culture and idiom.

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