The black mentality and how to deal with it

Ed H. writes:

In the 1970s I was a student of Marshall McLuhan. In decoding the hidden modes of control ruling our society I continue to defer to his ideas. I do this habitually because they are of such practical application and because they explain so much. In our present crisis McLuhan may give us means to neutralize the liberal modes of control, especially as regards the Left’s use of Black Run America to destroy our culture. In our mounting confrontation with black America we need to understand the nature of the conflict and insist that the battle take place on our ground, and on our terms. By doing this we will win every time.

McLuhan spoke of two primarily different forms of cultural organization, written and verbal. The written word is, fixed, definite, non personal, and above all beyond the manipulations of mere memory. Western society is based on the written word. Everything we take as most real, most solid is based on this foundational element. Writing. Our religion, our legal codes, business contracts, literature, written poetry, indeed our scientific achievement rests on the primary fact that they are all expressed in a fixed, universally available, interchangeable and non-subjective means of communication. Words fixed to a page. You are looking at them now, even though the words are made of pixels rather than ink. This shapes our thoughts, our sense of reality, our concept of meaning.

However in our midst is a culture that shares none of this. African culture is primarily verbal. It depends on personal memory and verbal flamboyance. Communication is less a matter of precise meaning and more a matter of verbal self dramatization. Everything becomes supercharged with personal significance, emotional display, and magical thinking. Failing to spot this weakness, whites will be cowed and perplexed by blacks and assume that any differences are a matter of our failure to appreciate the other party’s “perspective.” No such rationally conceived “perspectives” exist. What the baffled white is looking at is not ideas based in precise meaning and facts, but verbal display based in the acquisition of power and self importance.

Some tactics

1, When dealing with blacks never allow the conversation to become personal or subjective. Stay as cool as possible while remaining respectful. Go on the offensive by only allowing meaning to exist in precise defined parameters. Neutralize black verbal power plays by asking for verifiable facts. Make all further progress dependent on this. Most often blacks will abandon the field at this point. Keep smiling. Be polite but never conciliatory. Real agreement and mutual understanding is not possible, only damage control is possible.

2. When confronted by a verbally aggressive black, never exhibit any kind of aggression or rhetorical flamboyance yourself. To do so is enter the never-never land of black thinking where whoever can shout loudest, assert the most boldly, or put on the most flamboyant verbal display wins. Any form of concession is not interpreted by blacks as rational, but as weakness to be exploited.

3. Locate the key launching points of all black rhetorical manipulations When Obama swells emotionally and presents his grand visions, ask who is going to pay for it. When he dreams of universal brotherhood point out who is going to be pulling the levers behind the scenes. When he talks of future possibilities do not allow him to move on from past failures or unfinished present jobs. At every disconnect from reality, reassert reality. Make sure that there are definite penalties for black failure. Do not expect self-doubt or castigation to come into play. That too is a white thing.

4. In all dealings with this alien culture make sure its own weaknesses neutralize it. Do not bail it out. Do not give it money. Do not allow its fake historical narratives to gain credibility.

Do not be in the vicinity when it goes looking for a scapegoat. Never assume that reconciliation is possible. This too is a failure to perceive the differences between the two cultures.

A broad-based rational order with fixed definitions of meaning is not something blacks long for. If it were, you would be able to find a black-run government, city, or country somewhere in the world that is based on it.

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Bruce B. writes:

Ed H. is one of your best commenters. And that’s saying a lot. His comments on sports and his latest on verbal confrontations are outstanding.

Randy writes:

I would suggest we confront blacks and liberals with this question: Why is the whites who always have to change or accomodate themselves to blacks? What are blacks required to do to earn our respect? Are blacks immune from accountability and criticism? The obvious answer is yes in this day and age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t challenge the assumption.

Matthew H. writes:

Bruce B. is right. This is the second excellent post from Ed H. recently.

In my interactions with blacks I relate to them in a way similar to what Ed advises. Stay focused on the topic at hand with a friendly but business-like demeanor. If there is no practical business to interact, say nothing. No joking around. Leave as little chance for offense-taking as possible

Many blacks love to talk rot, loudly “jiving” others. As when dealing with loud drunks one must treat them circumspectly. All that “jive” talk is their thing, not ours. Nothing is more appalling than listening to, for instance, white women trying to talk black: “Girlfren!”

It’s past time for whites to go back and pick up where they left off before they became enraptured with all this primitivist nonsense (and non-sense is precisely the right word). It was sometime around 1959 when Norman Mailer published his cretinous “The White Negro.”

Here is a photo I encountered recently of the writer Calvin Trillin and his wife, Alice taken sometime in the mid-1960s. Whatever one may think of Trillin’s politics, here is a picture of whiteness before the fall: confident, intelligent, literate and well dressed:


Mark Jaws writes:

Ed H. gives excellent advice on how to deal with the black mentality, particularly, “Do not allow its fake historical narratives to gain credibility.”

It is along those lines I use my half-Jewish ancestry to good effect. Many blacks believe that not only were the Egyptians black, but the ancient Jews as well. In publicly refuting them, I show no mercy. I simply ask these Afro-centrist scholars, “If the Jews of the Bible were black, can you explain why the vast majority of today’s Jews are Caucasian in appearance?” Of course they have no answer. But one black gentleman once tried to explain that today’s Jews are descended from the Khazars, a medieval, Turkish people who converted en masse sometime in the 7th and 8th centuries. I then bring up DNA analyses which refute this Khazar theory, but the coup de grace is a picture of ancient Jews from the frescos of Dura-Europos synagogue in the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D.:


Understanding the power of humor, I always end these “intellectual exchanges” with the line, “As anyone can clearly see from these pictures, the Jews of old looked like me, not Denzel Washington.”

Alan Roebuck writes:

Ed H. has good advice. I want to add a couple of additional points.

We’re discussing predators here, of whatever race, whether the kind that will rob or physically attack you, or the kind that will only seek to verbally or spiritually dominate you.

Predators look for easy victims, so if you appear strong, a predator will look for another victim even if he would be able to defeat you. If you’re strong, then defeating you is too much work for him and he’ll leave you alone

You have appear strong, but without offending his honor. If you appear weak, he will be drawn to attack you, and if you offend his honor by appearing to challenge him, then he will feel obligated to try take you down, regardless of how strong he thinks you are. Avoid both extremes.

As a youth, I learned that if I accidentally made eye contact with a potential predator, I had to hold it just long enough not to appear weak, but not so long that I appeared to be challenging him. About one entire second. And of course I did not smile or scowl, but retained a neutral facial expression. If he spoke to me, I would give as brief and noncommittal a response as possible, and keep briskly walking.

Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into their world of madness, and do not accidentally draw them into your world. Sort of like how we respond to liberals.

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