A proposal for a new political party

RB writes:

In this dark hour with the ascendancy of the dreadful McCain and the widespread rage it has evoked, perhaps it is time to begin thinking third party. There has been talk of the potential entrance into the race of Nader, Paul, and Bloomberg. But whatever happened to Perot’s Independence Party which is the one closest to the issues of immigration restriction and economic nationalism—Lou Dobbs anyone? A race based on multiple candidates would make this the most interesting election since 1860 which marked the coming to power of a new party—the Republicans. It is interesting that even those talk radio pundits who are vehemently anti-McCain are still too attached to their beloved Republican party to talk of a third party challenge.

McCain was pushed by the MSM, quasi Republicans, RINOs, and independents. In addition Republican establishment and Wall Street globalist types, once their favored candidate Rudy flopped, latched on to McCain. Well, when President McCain connives with the Democrats to raise their taxes that will be just too bad. Then there were the evangelicals who fell for the phony preacher. Well they now have someone who conspired with the Democrats to thwart the appointment of strict constructionists and who thinks Alito was too conservative; it’s too late to complain now guys.

It is the structure and the priorities of the Republican Party that has created the problem. The remedy would be a complete purge of the party leadership but this has little chance. An alternative is to begin the process of building a new party. This new party must be built around addressing the national question, defense of the culture, immigration restriction and economic nationalism, as the top priority. Other issues may be added, strict constructionist judiciary, fiscal conservatism, low taxes, but these must be strictly subordinate to the priority issues. It is the priority given to these other issues that has led us to the circumstances we now find ourselves in. For it is a fact that the fiscal conservatives, supply-siders, tax cutters, “free” traders etc. got at least some of their agenda satisfied by Bush. Then this faction joins with the globalists who also got their agenda pushed and we ended up in a life and death struggle against their amnesty and other mass immigration schemes.

Another faction in the Republican coalition, the evangelicals have gotten a supposedly “born again” President who is “pro-life” and has, after some prodding, appointed strict constructionist judges who would vote to satisfy their Roe vs. Wade obsession. But that was not enough for them; they require none other than an ordained evangelical minister, Huckabee (in a previous incarnation known as Elmer Gantry), as the candidate. Now they are stuck with someone who is demonstrably worse on the social issues that they claim to care about.

Those of us concerned about national issues such as immigration restriction are always told to trust the leaders, to stop complaining and to get on the party bus lest an even worse Democrat be elected. Thus, we simply end up having to vote for another Bush, or even worse, McCain. Now is the time to start building a third party where our agenda is put first because without it there won’t be an America at all. Once our priorities are met there will then be time to pursue others. And it can be a third party that is flexible enough to cross endorse candidates, Republican or even Democrat who are good on our issues.

BTW looking at McCain’s smirk at the CPAC convention as he responded to booing on immigration, I was reminded of what was said about Caligula who when he was jeered by the mob at the Coliseum is supposed to have said: “If it had one head I’d hack it off”.

There has been some talk of what McCain must do to win our support. If he really is serious about patching things up I suggest he do the following. First publicly sign the Roy Beck pledge on amnesty and get his cronies who were up on the stage at his victory speech also to sign it. I’m sure that Giuliani and Lieberman will do anything to help their friend out. Then he can get rid of that pompous mustachioed Mexican citizen who is the head of his Hispanic outreach program. Finally, and most importantly, he can break any commitments he might have made to his buddy Huckabee or to his stooge Lindsay Graham about being his running mate. He can do this easily, as he has had much practice in betraying his fellow Republicans. Instead he should offer the vice presidential slot to Sen. Jeff Sessions who would serve him just as well or even better in the South. In that event I, for one, would be willing to roll the actuarial dice.

LA replies:

I like very much RB’s idea that this new party would be, first and foremost, a party devoted to the preservation of national existence. The argument makes powerful sense, because without national existence you have nothing else. Economic freedom, freedom of speech, traditional morality, rule of law, social conservatism, protection of the unborn, and whatever other values you care about—including liberal tolerance—cannot even exist unless there is first a concrete society that upholds them, institutionalizes them, and protects them. The priority and indispensability of concrete national existence is the fundamental truth that liberals (and virtually all modern Westerners are liberals) fail to understand, except as an unprincipled exception to their general liberalism. Moveover, the main modern liberal idea, which is non-discrimination, is a direct attack on national existence. So, a party devoted explicitly to the preservation of national existence as its number one concern, with other concerns being included, but only if they do not conflict with the main concern, is something that fits exactly with the tradtionalist philosophy as I understand it. This is the organizing idea that would make this new party a direct challenge to the rule of modern liberalism, even while speaking a language that all Americans could understand.

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