Fleeing devil, entire family leaps from 20 foot high balcony

Karl D. writes:

A family of twelve in France jumped off their balcony, resulting in the death of a baby and serious injuries to several others, because they thought they were being chased by the devil. The Mail does its usual job of incomplete reporting, but I think it is safe to assume they are Africans.

Here is the story:

A baby died when family of 12 leaped from their second floor balcony in France claiming they were fleeing the devil yesterday morning.

Eight more people were injured, some seriously, in the bizarre tragedy when they jumped 20ft in to a car park in Paris suburb of La Verriere.

The incident occurred when when a wife woke to see her husband moving about naked in the room, police said.

She began screaming ‘it’s the devil! it’s the devil!’, and the man ran into the other room where 11 others adults and children watching television.

One woman grabbed a knife and stabbed the man before other family members pushed him out through the front door.

When the man forced his way back in, they all began screamed in terror and leapt from the balcony screaming ‘Jesus! Jesus!’

The naked man also leapt from the balcony after them, detectives said.

A four-month old baby died in his mother’s arms, while a two-year-old was critically injured.

Police said they had found no evidence of hallucinogenic drugs being used or any signs of unusual religious rituals.

Versailles assistant prosecutor Odile Faivre said: ‘The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday when a group of 11 people were watching television in an apartment.

‘A wife in the next room saw her husband moving around naked and began screaming that he was the devil.

‘In the confusion following this apparent case of mistaken identity, the naked man’s sister-in-law stabbed him in the hand and he was ejected through the front door of the flat.

‘When he attempted to get back in, panic erupted and the other occupants of the flat fled by jumping out of the window.

‘A baby died and seven of those who jumped were taken to hospital, some with multiple injuries.

‘A number of points surrounding this incident remain to be cleared up.’

[end of article]

LA writes:

Liberals will leap on the fact that the people said, “Jesus, Jesus,” to show that they were Christians. But of course many Africans have a superficial overlay of Christianity, which does not affect their animistic beliefs.

It’s so strange to read this story about an entire family in France leaping from their apartment balcony. Since when do French families attempt mass suicide in order to escape the devil? But of course this family is not French, they’re something else. But the story does not say that—the story simply treats the family as a family living in an apartment in a suburb of Paris. The article is thus Kafkaesque, treating the surreal and inconceivable as though it were normal and routine.

Welcome to the borderless world, where France is turned into non-France, not only in actuality, by the mass importation of cultural aliens, but in perception, by the media’s failure to identify the aliens as aliens.

- end of initial entry -

Roger G. writes:

One would need a heart of stone to read this story without laughing.

James P. writes:

This story (in French) says they are of “African origin.” No surprise there!

L’homme en question d’origine africaine s’est levé dans l’appartement pour nourrir son enfant, tandis que les autres occupants l’ont pris pour le diable.

LA replies:


“The man in question, of African origin, had gotten up in his apartment in order to feed his child, when the other occupants took him for the devil.”

Roger G. writes:

What?! And here I was picturing Leslie Caron and Charles Boyer. Or those cartoons with the nuns leading a schoolgirl procession.

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