Us and the left: what are the rules of engagement? And more on Fluke.

In the continuing discussion on liberals’ rejoicing over Andrew Breitbart’s death, and on how we should react to that (and also on how we ourselves should react to the death of a particularly bad liberal), a reader makes a key distinction. It is one thing to be surprised at the vile behavior of liberals; it is another to observe and condemn it.

Also, there is a more on the Sandra Fluke controversy, but there needs to be much more. I admit I haven’t been able to get my head around this issue. First, Limbaugh’s insult to Fluke was a huge distraction from the substance of the issue. But even without that distraction, I frankly confess that I would be flummoxed by this. I cannot get into my head that people are demanding, as a right, as an unquestionable right, that they should be provided with contraceptives totally free, at the cost of the taxpayers. No one heard of such an idea a couple of months ago. And now it’s already a pillar of America which no one may safely challenge.

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