Trump and Obama

Jim C. writes:

Trump will be Obama’s worse nightmare. The birth certificate is only the beginning. Trump’s investigators will also be looking into the following:

1. Authorship of Dreams From My Father and Audacity of Hope, including Obama’s ties to Bill Ayres.

2. Gut courses Obama took at Columbia and Harvard—particularly gut courses taught by black racists like Derrick Bell.

3. Evidence of both Obamas’ antiwhite statements.

4. Off-the-record negative evaluations of Obama’s competence from leaders in industry and government.

5. How Obama was admitted to Columbia and Harvard Law School.

Trump’s overall strategy will be to depict Obama as a coddled mediocrity who has seriously damaged this country. Trump may not win, but his attacks on Obama will be devastating, ensuring success for just about any Republican nominee.

Remember dear readers, you heard it here first: off the record, on the QT, and very Hush-Hush.

LA replies:

I do not share Jim’s hopeful view of Trump’s effectiveness against Obama, but many people do share it, as shown by a poll this week that had him tied for second among Republicans for the nomination. In my view, Trump is a character, a loudmouth, not someone capable of carrying a serious argument. At the same time, if he can mainstream the birth certificate issue and get the respectable pansy Republicans to start saying, “Obama has concealed his birth certificate, we demand to see it,” that would be a great accomplishment.

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Gary M. writes:

Jim C. is on to something, or at the very least this makes for an intriguing “what if” exercise. Consider:

  • Any birth certificate will probably show that Obama was born in Hawaii, but has information that might embarrass Obama. Two possibilities that strike me as entirely reasonable are (1) that Obama was born illegitimate; and (2) that Stanley Anne Dunham was only 17 when she was impregnated by Barack Sr., and therefore was the victim of statutory rape. [LA replies: that’s a new one! In fact, it is already pretty certain that Stanley Ann was 17 when her son was conceived, since he was born August 4, 1961 and nine months before that would have been November 4, 1960; she turned 18 in late November 1960.] Not disqualifying, but not exactly the sort of family situation we as Americans like to think our presidents come from.

  • If Trump looks like he’s starting to gain traction politically, Obama might try to co-opt him (Trump has a history of giving money to politicians of both parties), offering him some kind of prestigious position. However, if Trump refuses …

  • Then he’ll be audited by the IRS, that is, if he hasn’t been already. The Obama people will go digging for anything and everything, looking for a pretext to charge Trump with tax evasion and the threat of prison time.

  • That is likely to backfire, though, because it will be seen as transparently political. Just about all the dirt there is on Trump is probably already in the public domain, and Trump’s response will likely be to release all his tax returns, and then challenge Obama to show the public where any illegality has been committed. Trump would likely then go on the attack and repeat his demands that Obama come clean on a whole range of issues, which Obama will not, raising further doubts in the public’s mind.

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