What liberals believe

An insane individual named Andrew Greeley writing in the Chicago Sun-Times accuses McCain-Palin of running an explicitly racist campaign against Obama and of deliberately stirring up and countenancing calls for his murder.

And an insane editor published this trash.

I had hopefully assumed that the lunatic columnist was not the Catholic priest and author Fr. Andrew Greeley, but I was wrong.

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Mark Jaws writes:

“Father” Andrew Greeley is not an untypical leftist. Many lefties really believe that the GOP is running a racist campaign against their Barack. No need to delve further into this lunacy—McCain is the racist while the Farrakhanite Obama is a man of tolerance and compassion—but I hope the thoughts are being to gel in the collective brains of traditional minded Americans that either we separate from or destroy the Left, or it will destroy us and put us irrevocably on the path of Cubanization by mid century.

LA replies:

Mark’s point cannot be simply dismissed. White liberals see white non-liberals as sub-human. They see us the same way that Communists saw property owners, and that Nazis saw Jews, and that Muslims see non-Muslims, as the evil oppressive Untermenschen who are preventing true humanity from blossoming. For the perfect world that the liberals “Imagine” to come into existence, we must be done away with. Disempowering or marginalizing us is not enough, since (as we’ve seen over and over) the more power liberals actually have over America and the further left they move, the more powerful and threatening they imagine conservatives to be, and the more right-wing and racist they imagine America to be. There is thus a clear logic in operation now in this country that leads to civil war. Of course I hope that it won’t happen that way, but the ingredients are there.

James P. writes:

Mark Jaws says:

“Father” Andrew Greeley is not an untypical leftist. Many lefties really believe that the GOP is running a racist campaign against their Barack.

This, in turn, calls into question McCain’s strategy of going easy on Barack. If you are going to be branded a racist hatemonger anyway, why not take the gloves off and attack your opponent’s obvious vulnerabilities? No need to say anything actually racist, of course, just tell the truth about Obama and don’t publicly rebuke your supporters when they attack him. Instead, McCain truckles to Obama and attacks his own base, and gets no political credit for it at all! What a tool.

You say,

White liberals see white non-liberals as sub-human.

This is true, and I want to tie it to your other post, in which you say, “the ultimate desire of the Western elite (at least in Canada, Britain, and Europe) is to be taken over by Islam.” My view on this is not that the liberal elites want to be taken over by Islam, but that the liberals are blinded by their visceral hatred of white non-liberals. Elite liberals will never view Muslims or non-whites as threatening while there is even a single white non-liberal remaining as a focus for hatred. Indeed, liberals view Muslims and non-whites not as enemies, but as allies against non-liberal whites. Of course, you can’t have too many allies, especially in a democracy, so therefore the liberals will keep bringing more Muslims and non-whites into the country until the non-liberal whites have been utterly crushed and demoralized politically. Liberals do not want a balance of power between the liberal camp and the non-liberal camp, they want the total destruction of the non-liberal camp. So far as I can tell, this result has actually been achieved in Europe and Canada, so we should not fool ourselves that the liberals cannot do it here and that the election of Obama must necessarily lead to a conservative resurgence. Yes, white liberals may ultimately realize that they created a monster when they let Muslim and non-white hordes into the country in order to destroy their white enemies, but by then it will be too late.

LA replies:

This is a superb comment that makes me see the issue with new clarity. Yes. No matter how liberal the society becomes, indeed, the more liberal it becomes, any remaining non-liberalism seems all the more unacceptable to the liberals, and therefore the remaining non-liberals, no matter how powerless they may be, and indeed, no matter how LIBERAL they may be, appear to the liberals to be more and more right-wing and threatening. They must be thoroughly crushed. Bringing in millions of unassimilable and Democratic-voting Third-Worlders is another way to crush them. The Third-Worlders have no significance in themselves to the liberals, they are there only as instruments of the liberals’ purpose. However, when the Third-Worlders start to gain real power, as I’ve said, the liberals, who hate their own society with its “racism” and were only motivated by the burning need to weaken their society, will have no basis on which to oppose the Third Worlders, and they will steadily yield to them.

Mark Jaws replies:
Yes! You made my day! Medved did too.

The Democratic Party—aided and abetted by the American Pravda Media and the annual importation of one million inhabitants heading towards the welfare hacienda—will be permanently entrenched within 20 years. The trend is so obvious, one cannot possibly miss it. Just look at the electoral map.

Thus, unless a portion of Traditional America secedes or engages and wins a civil war to ensure white autonomy, we are Cuba in 50 years with a thin veneer of white Marxists at the top and an army of mulatto and Mestizo henchmen carrying out various decrees targeting the remaining white population. We see that today in Cuba, where whites are forced to live a substandard, unworthy life—kept down with the Negroes and mulattos by the Marxist-imposed “totalegalitarians.” This is not what past generations of millions of brave white Americans fought and died for.

Alan Levine writes:

I read the column by Andrew Greeley. In my view it is actually rather more deranged than your description implied. The tone is even more hysterical than I expected.

Perhaps it is a minor point, but I was particularly struck by his demented reading of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific,” which would undoubtedly have astonished those gentlemen.

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