Crowley’s actions backed up by black fellow officer

James P. writes:

The mere word of a white man cannot possibly establish the truth of any matter. The corroboration of a black man is needed! If two black men disagree, namely Officer Lashley and President Obama, then one of them should be allowed to “take it back,” at which point everyone must accept the fact that the “unfortunate” words were never said.

Black officer at scholar’s home supports arrest

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP)—A black police officer who was at Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s home when the black Harvard scholar was arrested says he fully supports how his white fellow officer handled the situation.

Sgt. Leon Lashley says Gates was probably tired and surprised when Sgt. James Crowley demanded identification from him as officers investigated a report of a burglary. Lashley says Gates’ reaction to Crowley was “a little bit stranger than it should have been.”

Asked if Gates should have been arrested, Lashley said supported Crowley “100 percent.”

Gates has said he was the victim of racial profiling.

President Barack Obama says the officers “acted stupidly.” Lashley called Obama’s remark “unfortunate” and said he should be allowed to take it back.

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