A tale of black parasitism

The city of Memphis, mostly black, has proposed doing away with its city school system.

Why? Because the county school system, which is suburban and white, has been moving toward making itself independent of the city system, in which case the city wouldn’t be able to receive the county’s tax revenues. So, if the city system simply goes of existence, the city schools would become the county’s responsibility and the county’s move to separate itself and its revenues from the city will be defeated.

When will whites start speaking the plain truth—that most of what blacks have in today’s America, they have because of whites? Once whites realize and speak that forbidden truth, and begin asserting the moral authority that results from it, “black run America,” which runs solely on the fuel of undeserved white guilt, will come to an end.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 01, 2011 07:07 PM | Send

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