A more hopeful angle on the health care bill

Have you noticed how, in the aftermath of Sen. Nelson’s deal with Sen. Reid which made passage of the health care bill a fait accompli in the Senate, conservatives have been acting as though passage of the bill were a fait accompli in the House as well? Consider this headline at Lucianne.com: “With Defeat Near on Health Care, Republicans Focus on Attacks for 2010 Elections” Some of that attitude has affected my thinking as well. It seems to me that the Democratic leadership is so set on this great consummation of leftist desire that they will successfully force their unhappy members, including both the Blue Dogs on one side and the leftists on the other, to support the bill.

A reader calls me with a more hopeful view. He thinks the bill will not pass. It has been sinking in the polls, Democrats’ prospects for the 2010 elections are sinking, and many Democrats will oppose the bill just for their own political survival. If any bill ultimately passes, he says, it will be very different from, and much less bad than, the one in the Senate right now.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 23, 2009 01:52 PM | Send

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