Where the Bushes are really at, Part II

A correspondent writes about Harriet Miers:

I read the excerpts from two of her articles on the Time magazine website. She writes poorly and in a way that suggests she is not very bright.

In fact, how bright can anyone be if they work closely, for years, with this guy? (This also applies to the Republican establishment, which lined up behind Bush in 1999 and 2000.) I doubt he, his old man, or anyone in his family has the mental concentration or the knowledge to appreciate the issues before the Court—other than in the most general sense that the issues are “out there.” They reserve their focus for skydiving, golfing, boating, and sports. They are the worst example of politicians who want to be somebody rather than to do something.

Another reader notes:

In evaluating Bushes, never forget their “my close friend” relationships with Mexican and Arab oligarchs. They are very at home with very clannish regimes. They take care of their own.

I must add further that the undisguised arrogance and contempt with which George W. Bush has nominated to the Supreme Court a judicial nobody who happens to be his lawyer and friend, virtually saying to the country, “I’m doing this because I want to, so bleep you all,” reminds me of John LeBoutillier’s harsh description of Bush in 2000: “a smug punk in over his head.”

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