The Democrats’ new dispensation for America

James N. writes:

A lot of “conservative” commentators are remarking on how badly the unions and Obama are managing their public relations in Wisconsin.

But the unions, Obama, and the Democratic Party are not concerned with public relations.

They are concerned with fundamental transformation.

We now have a government with one set of rules for the Cambridge Police Department, and another for the New Black Panther Party. One set of rules for Republican campaign ads, and another for Democrats’.

One set of rules for Wisconsin elected representatives, and another for the SEIU.

One definition of “civility” for us, another for them.

I have predicted since David Boies first articulated the “will of the people” argument in November 2000 in Florida that the Democrats would eventually come to rely on storm troopers.

They no longer accept that the arithmetical counting of votes confers legitimacy to rule. They have not accepted this since at least 2000, and perhaps before.

They win an election? Fine. Blood is a big expense.

They lose? Look at their standard behavior now after they lose, everywhere. Florida. Washington State. Minnesota. Those were close elections, so cheating, or trying to cheat, was enough.

But a Republican landslide like Wisconsin? Forget about it. That means war.

Barack Obama, October 2008: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

You thought he was kidding?

Over and over again, history teaches that force must be met with force.

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