Tens of millions of Muslims itching to come to the West

The other day I posted an entry about the invasion of Italy by Tunisian refugees since the “democratic” revolution in the North African country. I entitled it:

Islamic world + democratization = Camp of the Saints to the nth power

On the same subject, E. in Florida informs us that he found the following paragraph buried deep within a New York Times article, “For Egypt, a Fresh Start, With Cities,” today:

No wonder 19 percent of Egyptians told Gallup (well before the protests) that they would move to another country if they could. Mr. Clemens says that for every green card the United States awarded in a recent immigration lottery, 146 Egyptians had applied.

I haven’t read the article, but it sounds as though Egypt’s “fresh start” involves having a large part of the Egyptian population to move to America.

The same is even more true of the Chinese. As the Times reported some years ago, a Chinese official, when asked how many Chinese would emigrate to America if they were able to, answered: “Everyone, including the lamp posts.”

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