A slice of life in a country with enough Muslims in it to create a constant terrorist threat

Karl D. writes:

As you know, traffic in New York City can be downright intolerable. Driving in NYC takes the patience of a saint and the driving skills of Mario Andretti all rolled into one. I just wanted to give you an example that jibes well with your post of a few days ago about inconveniencing Americans forever as opposed to actually ending the threat of Muslim terrorism in this country by ending and reversing Muslim immigration. Yesterday I had business on the Upper East side of Manhattan. As you may know, a “suspicious van” was spotted in Times Square causing the city to close down the entire area and empty the buildings of their population. An added bonus of this action was to back up traffic all the way through the Lincoln Tunnel well into New Jersey. What should have been a one hour trip took me an astounding two and a half hours. To add insult to injury, after I arrived (finally) in Manhattan, it took me 25 minutes to go one short block. Reason? A black female traffic cop decided to take a lunch break without being relieved. Leaving us drivers in utter chaos during a supposed terrorist event. Because I was so late, the party I was supposed to meet left and I most likely lost that business. Thank you Islam and a feckless American government. For this is our future, as you said, “FOREVER.”

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January 1

A. Zarkov writes:

Karl D. writes about his traffic misadventures in Manhattan. I sympathize. Circa 1972 I lived in Manhattan and commuted by car to New Jersey for my consulting activities. One day the New York City drawbridge operators went on strike. They opened all the bridges and then broke the controls locking them in an open position. The resulting gridlock was something to behold. After a few blocks, I had to turn around and miss a day’s work and a day’s pay. The drawbridge operators won in the end. Nothing happened to them despite the fact they damaged government property and tied up a whole city. Amnesty was part of a strike settlement. If you complain the liberals say, “New York is a labor town.” I moved away and the city lost me as a taxpayer. At that time they lost about 400,000 other people too along with many businesses. Once you leave New York City you realize what you had to put up with. It was intolerable and I didn’t tolerate it. Now Muslim terrorism opens up new vistas of inconvenience for New Yorkers. I think this will all end very badly for NYC because the whole operation is a very brittle system. For example, should terrorists attack the New York Area airports with anthrax, it will close them down for months. All they need to do is figure out how to remove the static charge on anthrax particles so they don’t clump. The Soviet Union’s anthrax factory at Sverdlovsk made the stuff by the ton. It would only take about 100 grams to close down an airport if the particles were properly dispersed. Chilling. While we might be able to do real time detection today, the clean up would be very time consuming. I personally think the airline attacks are a distraction. Al Qaeda likes to build on their past successes and top them.

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