Interracial marriage and the condition of white men

In re the racially mixed marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Woods and its tribulations, Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife writes:

M. gets at something that has been alluded to here, but not fully articulated: Feminism and miscegenation are interconnected. Only a society which has emasculated men would openly condone intermarriage. Let me change that. Only a society in which white men have been emasculated would see the sort of tolerance for and celebration of intermarriage we are experiencing today.

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December 8

Paul K. writes:

I think the commenter at “The Thinking Housewife” makes an honest point when he writes, “In my opinion, she committed the worst kind of betrayal a woman can commit against her people short of actual espionage: she gave herself to a man of another race to make children. This angers me on a very deep, existential level. It is a serious threat to the survival of our people, dividing our loyalties at the family level and destroying an obviously very beautiful genetic line.”

I do not presume to tell anyone whom they should or shouldn’t marry, but, like the commenter, I have a viscerally negative reaction to black-white couples. I think the same thing that makes me feel negatively about them is what the liberals like about them—that the whites are surrendering their morally-tainted racial purity.

In the attached photo of Heidi Klum and her husband Seal, I see a defiant gleam in her eyes, as if she’s thinking: “Look at me, you think I’m an Aryan superwoman, a blond goddess, but eat your heart out—look who I’m procreating with.”

Maybe I’m being unfair, but there seems to be something going in relationships like this beyond simple romance. These women are making a statement.

(BTW, the disfiguring scars on Seal’s face were caused by lupus.)


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