Playing Sarah Palin

Julianne Moore has been cast as Sarah Palin in HBO’s upcoming film based on the book Game Change.

I can’t imagine an actress less suited to play Palin. Palin is hearty, outdoorsy, ditsy. Moore is delicate, painfully precious.

But maybe I’ll be surprised. Several years ago, in a TV movie about Benedict Arnold, Kelsey Grammer, having played only the obnoxious Frazier Crane for his entire career, did a superb job playing George Washington. I was astonished that Grammer had it in him to bring out Washington’s fine qualities—his mildness, his uprightness, his absolute devotion to the Patriot cause, his unswerving affection and kindness to Arnold (his most enterprising and favorite general) before Arnold betrayed him. The liberal culture surprises you that way. For all its ugliness and decadence, it can still, sometimes, do good things.

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Jim C. writes:

Here’s why (here and here) a smart director / casting director chose Julianne Moore to portray Palin.

LA replies:

I was aware when I wrote the entry that her features are in the Palin neighborhood, but this brings it out more, with dark hair and so on. Also in this scene, she has a high pitched squeaky voice like Palin. I guess with makeup they can cover up her delicate skin and coloring and make her look more Palinesque.

But what is (sustained) female frontal nudity about? Was this movie in theaters?

Readers are hereby warned about the nudity in the first clip.

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