Russia—a Third-World, dysfunctional country


Hundreds drown as Russia heats up
2010-07-05 16:31

Moscow—As temperatures soared in Russia, almost 300 people drowned last week while going swimming, the Emergency Ministry said on Monday.

“Last week, 285 people died in Russia’s waterways,” an Emergency Ministry spokesperson told the RIA Novosti news agency.

“The main reasons for people drowning is swimming in places that are not equipped and the use of alcohol.”

A record-breaking heatwave in late June saw temperatures reach 37 degrees Centigrade in central Russian regions, sparking forest fires.

Last year, almost 3 000 Russians drowned while swimming. It is common in Russia to spend weekends taking dips in ponds and rivers, often despite warning signs and murky water.

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Kristor writes:

It’s the vodka. When I was a whitewater boatman, the fatalities on the rivers each year were always, always, always due to inebriation.

LA replies:

Fine. But a country where vast numbers of people are swimming in unsafe conditions while inebriated on vodka is a third-world, dysfunctional country. QED.

July 6

Mark Jaws writes:

I always thought Russia was part of the Second World, you know, the old Soviet Bloc. Second rate, but still capable of some pretty impressive technical feats. Kenya, Haiti, Honduras, et al, the lands of eternally low IQ, are the third world—but not Russia. Their population reflects the devastating effects of three generations of communist rule, which should serve as an example to us.

I believe we should maintain good relations with Russia. Perhaps one day its vast plains and steppes will offer sanctuary to dispossesed western Europeans, who will refuse to bow to and live under the impending yoke of Islamization.

LA replies:

As I understood it from descriptions of the Soviet Union during its final years under Gorbachev, the major Russian cities and power centers were “second world,” and the USSR had great military power in particular; but outside the cities, Russia was a terribly backward, dysfunctional, third-world-style country.

Mark Jones writes:

Your contempt towards a fellow white nation is perhaps fueled by resentment that this is the only white nation in the world that is clear headed about your kind.

Small wonder given the fact that it was only twenty years ago that Russiams overthrew foreign rule. That is what makes you hate them.

Luke Gervais writes from England:

To declare Russia a third world country is to jump to premature conclusions. Yes, alcoholism is indeed a national scourge. Yes, Russia has its own problems relating to economic development, the relative absence of the rule of law, farcical elections, banana republic style attacks on independent media and weak of public administration and civil society. Yes, its men folk suffer from self-inflicted diseases and life-spans as short as those in Bangladesh. However, these problems need not be permanent. The real reason for the Russian regime’s authoritarian direction has been the continued institutional and regulatory weaknesses of the state itself. Moreover, the proportion of the population with the greatest vested interest in legal rights, the middle class, has expanded considerably in the past decade, so not all is lost.

On the other hand Russia is one of the few non-feminized male-oriented White countries remaining. While Britain and other European countries busily melt down their national sovereignty, Russia aggressively defends her own interests. The government ensures it owns its own vital industries, kills terrorists instead of trying to understand them. And unlike America it punishes disrespectful Border states. Yes, Russians are threatened by Muslim birth rates. However, its Muslim population is mainly confined to certain regions of the country which could easily be isolated. Moscow meanwhile is the only great metropolis in Europe which remains monoracial. And while every European country, particularly Russia, faces dismal white birth rates, she is the only one which is doing anything serious to address it. As Nina Kouprianova pointed out, the government’s pro natalist policies unashamedly target those of European descent, something which would be universally denounced in Britain.

Though the divorce and abortion rates are appalling, I believe private life and Christianity are in actually less imperiled in Russia than in Britain where atheism is gradually becoming the state religion. So long as you do not openly and publicly challenge the authorities, Russians are more or less free to say pretty much what they like. Nobody is arrested and prosecuted for expressing unfashionable opinions about racial minorities. The view of Moscow’s mayor on Gay Pride events would possibly land him in a police station if uttered by a politician in Britain. I may be wrong but I honestly do not believe the Russians would subject themselves to Islamic domination. Living under Soviet tyranny has to some extent inoculated them against the liberal mental virus that is destroying so much of European civilisation. Ridiculous as it may sound, one day Russia may even be the West’s last best hope on earth.

LA replies:

“one day Russia may even be the West’s last best hope on earth.”

This thought has often been expressed on the right, and I do not dismiss it. A white country that rejects the liberalism that dominates the rest of the white world may indeed be the West’s last hope. In the initial entry I was not commenting on every aspect of Russia, but on the extreme dysfunction that seems to be endemic there.

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