Race and marriage

Laura Wood, the Thinking Housewife, is probably the only intelligent, non-White Nationalist, non-Jew hating white woman in America who states publicly under her own name that race differences matter, including when it comes to interracial sex and marriage. See her post today, “Why Race and Marriage Should Be Discussed.”

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Richard S. writes:

I’ve noticed that while you often post other peoples’ opinions on interracial sex/marriage, you tend to be rather vague on where exactly you stand on the issue. [LA replies: I’m not aware of being vague on the issue.]

For example, I’d be curious to know if you oppose miscegenation under all circumstances, or approve it across certain races, if you think anti-miscegenation laws should be reintroduced, if you think it’s worse when engaged in by white women as opposed to white men, etc.

LA replies:

My position, which I have often stated, is that in principle interracial marriage is bad—bad for individuals, bad for families, bad for society. It should not be approved. People should speak against it and explain why it’s bad. A healthy society would frown on it and view it as unacceptable.

I have never advocated or even thought about a re-introduction of anti-misegenation laws. However, on the procedural, constititutional side of the issue as distinct from the substantive side, I support the right of the states that existed under the Constitution to prohibit misegenation, before the illegitimate extension of the meaning of the 14th Amendment, on this issue in Loving v. Virginia, 1967.

Jessica K. writes:

A few weeks ago, walking down a London street, I passed by an interracial couple who really made me wonder about the state of the modern world. The man was your typical, thuggish, young black, i.e. saggy jeans halfway down his backside, a swaggering walk right down the middle of the pavement so that everyone had to move aside for them, and the kind of arrogant expression which conveyed that he probably thinks he was put on Earth for the very benefit of womankind. Hanging off his arm was a reasonably pretty, young, blonde who was talking animatedly while gazing up adoringly at him.

Now, so far, so ordinary. If you live in this cesspool of a city, you pass by many such couples every single day. It wasn’t until they were walking by me and I could actually hear the girl that I became truly unsettled. She was excitedly conversing with him in a strong South African accent. I’m not sure why I found this so disturbing. Perhaps I had always assumed that if there was one subgroup of whites who were completely resistant to Eloidom, it would be Boers. But there she was. Even as her co-ethnics face genocide back home, she was stepping up to do her part in the extinguishing of her people. Surely she must have experienced blacks in their most undiluted form? Not even the wealthiest Boers can now shield themselves from the Zulus, and virtually every white South African family has suffered at their hands. I just can’t understand how a white girl who’s received the full ANC experience can do such a thing.

I don’t know what my point is. I just needed to share this experience. Heaven knows, I can’t do it out loud.

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