A new name for this polity

In the entry about Air Force members giving a Politburo-type standing ovation to a fellow member introducing his male “fiancé,” Buck sent this comment:

Matthew H. wrote:

Stand up and applaud the filthy perverts? Yes, sir!

But then, they didn’t even have to be told.

The United States of America, 2012.

Well said. However, I continue to advocate that we drop the “of America” after the United States. It’s oxymoronic, incongruous, counterintuitive, insulting, and no longer true.

To which I replied:

How about the United States of Anti-America?

- end of initial entry -

Danny B. writes:

One of your readers wrote that the “of America” in the name of our country, “the United States of America,” should be dropped.

Well, why not drop the whole name? How about we become “the Multicultural Place on a Map whose populace believes in FREEDOM”? Both the neoconservatives and the liberals would love it. It destroys any sense of place, history, and peoplehood, and reduces America to, as Metternich said of Italy, merely a “geographical expression.”

Wait a minute. Destroying any sense of place, history, and peoplehood is what our public school system, mainstream media, and Hollywood do for a living. Ah well. Three institutions plus the country’s official name can help destroy a sense of place, history, and peoplehood even more.

July 22

Matthew Bracken writes:

The America we knew in our youth is dead, there is no denying this fact. Watching uniformed military men and women march in “gay pride” (sic) parades merely confirms what we already knew. I prefer to use the name America only to refer to our once-great nation as it was in the past. And since there is nothing at all united about our fifty states today, I also reject using The United States.

To describe the polity as it exists today, I suggest using the letters USSA, a Godless and spiritless acronym harkening to the evil and officially atheistic former USSR, and needing no explanation or expansion to those of us citizens who remember America the beautiful, now deceased and in her grave.

Matthew Bracken
North Florida, USSA
author of the Enemies Foreign And Domestic trilogy

LA replies:

But it seems to me that this new polity is united—united in its leftist, anti-American, anti-white, statist ideology.

Also, what does USSA stand for?

Matthew Bracken replies (sent July 22, 2012, posted September 10, 2012):

I do not accept that this polity is united in leftist, anti-American or anti-white ideology. True, the MSM and most meme-generating organs have been captured by the left in a highly effective generations-long Gramscian “long march through the institutions,” but that does not mean a majority of Americans accepts their propaganda as the truth. Not yet. There is still time to fight back. History is replete with examples of revolutionary overreach, and I think we may be near that high-tide line, and nearly ready to push the Bolshevik spawn back into the lower corners of hell where they should reside in torment.

In any event, I am a born fighter, and I will go down fighting, even if the nation formerly known as America is a Lost Cause. Sometimes, Lost Causes are the causes most worth fighting for. Just one example of many: hundreds of unsung heroes went to the wall in Castro’s Havana shouting “Viva Christo Rey!” They understood with their last breaths that they would not live to see the end of Communism, but they did not hang their heads in mortal despair. They knew that it might take another generation (or more!) to see the end of the Twilight Struggle, yet they shouted defiance with their last breaths!

And here we are, still fighting. Some of us.

The USSA stands for the United Socialist States of America, an intentionally insulting echo of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Using USSA instead of USA or America is a protest signifying our non-acceptance of the top-down leftist brainwashing that is currently in vogue.

I hope your health is good, and your days and nights are easy. Your voice is important in our own long counter-march to recapture our republic.

Gintas replies:

Union of Socialist States of America.

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