Bachmann leaves race

It was an excellent statement, showing what an excellent person she is. She said that it was on March 21, 2010, the day of the passage of Obamacare, that she first thought of running for president, in order to stop it. From the start she has understood the transcendent issue of this election year: that either a Republican president and a Republican Congress are elected to repeal Obamacare and tear it up by the roots, or America becomes irreversibly an unfree statist country like the countries of Europe.

That was the great and central message of her campaign, but also its limitation. Running to appeal Obamacare and turn the economy around and constantly reiterating that she was the “most consistent conservative” in the race were not a sufficient basis for a winning presidential candidacy. She needed a larger message about the direction in which, beyond the issues of Obamacare and the economy, she would lead the country as president, how she would “win back America,” how she would turn back the prevailing left, and this she never developed.

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Paul K. writes:

I regret that Bachmann didn’t receive enough support to justify her remaining in the race, but it seems to me she would be the ideal vice presidential choice for Romney should he get the nomination, as seems likely. Romney needs to appeal to the conservative base and she will go at Obama hammer and tongs. She would do very well debating Biden should he be still be on Obama’s ticket, though I have a sneaking suspicion that in order to inject some excitement into his campaign, Obama will replace Biden with Hillary. If so, Bachmann would help counter that.

Irv P. writes:

She showed me why I supported her so strongly. She is a special person who has the light of GOD in her heart, and that is what gives her guidance and strength.

She is, and we are, on the outside looking in.

We can hope that she will influence the others who stay in, particularly Santorum, and that he will closely mirror what she stands for.

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